WFD produces research that aims to build an evidence base for and improve the quality of democracy assistance. We also generate policy that contributes new tools for democracy support, as well as guides for parliaments, civil society and democracy support practitioners. 
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This guide is for decision-makers who want to be inspired by new and innovative ways to bring citizens to the heart of the decision-making process.

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This paper proposes one assessment framework to analyse the institutional characteristics and functioning of independent oversight institutions and regulatory agencies and their relationship to parliament.
01 February 2019 | Briefing
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This guide provides practical guidance for organizing post-legislative scrutiny inquiries in parliament.

23 July 2018 | Guide
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Governments seeking to close political space have a number of tools at their disposal. One popular tactic is to suppress civil society by restricting foreign funding, controlling registration and imposing onerous reporting requirements. Parliaments often aid and abet executives in this process, even in purportedly democratic states. This paper examines when parliaments protect political space by rejecting restrictive civil society laws. In doing so, it identifies several factors that shape the success (or failure) of international efforts to motivate legislatures to defend democracy.
19 July 2018 | Briefing
The aim of this study, undertaken jointly by Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) and the Centre for Study and Research Action on Governance (CERAG), is to provide substantive data on the costs of parliamentary work in Senegal.
05 April 2017 | Report
Cost of Politics in Senegal Front Cover Page
The process of competitive politics can undermine the integrity and effectiveness of individual MPs and parliament as a whole. This study explores the electoral model in Sierra Leone and investigates the cost of politics and the approaches that are adopted to maintain positions of power, considering this financial burden.
28 February 2017 | Study
Cost of Politics in Sierra Leone Front Cover Page
This paper draws on semi-structured interviews with serving and former members of parliament, as well as civil society practitioners to get their thoughts on the financial implications of running for office in Nigeria.
05 November 2016 | Report
Cost of Politics in Nigeria Front Cover Page
Ghana has a long history of campaign financing. This study looks at the cost of parliamentary politics in the West Africa country.
05 September 2016 | Study
Cost of politics in Ghana front cover page