Building on success with our global equality project


Building on success with our global equality project

In 2021-22, our Global Equality Project (GEP) built on the success of our previous project on equality in the Commonwealth.
Multi-coloured people connected with lines

Alongside the Kaleidoscope Trust, WFD worked in 18 countries and territories to help ensure women, LGBT+ people and other intersectionally disadvantaged groups can influence policy and law reform processes.

Achievements under the GEP included raising awareness of LGBT+ discrimination in Sri Lanka by taking films made under the Commonwealth Equality Project to audiences around the country and supporting the effective implementation of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act in Nigeria through analysis, network and relationship building.

WFD also commissioned and produced new research and guides. We shared the knowledge we produced, for example presenting to civil society on how to review laws and policies that affect LGBT+ people in Taiwan.

While only six months in duration, the independent evaluators of the GEP found “strong evidence of progress against outcome targets”, noting in particular WFD’s “strong analysis of local context” and ability to build coalitions for change with local actors. Given the complexity of working on these issues, WFD was particularly praised for pursuing “multiple approaches [that were] proving successful e.g., relationships, coalitions, research”, demonstrating that “it is possible to work – and be successful – in difficult environments.”