Impact of Covid-19 on persons with disabilities in Albania

Impact of Covid-19 on persons with disabilities in Albania
The Covid-19 pandemic has created many health, economic, and social difficulties in Albania, where different categories of populations have faced different challenges and problems. According to the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), 6.2 % of the Albanian population belongs to the group of persons with disabilities (PwD).
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28 January 2021

To better understand how the pandemic crisis has affected people with disabilities, WFD in Albania commissioned a study with its partner Together for Life. The report is based on a survey carried out in the 6 main districts of the country with the participation of 360 individuals.

Some of the questions this report aims to answer are:

  • Did this social category suffer additional economic strains?  
  • Did the pandemic affect their employment?
  • Has the pandemic impacted the services offered to PwD?
  • How has the lock-down affected their health status and health care services?
  • Which are the main concerns of PwD during the pandemic?
  • How effective has been the Government response in the treatment of Covid-19 for PwD?