WFD monitors the Green Budgeting in Albania

WFD monitors the Green Budgeting in Albania
Green budgeting is a novel concept not only for Albania but also for other much developed countries. Green Budgeting consists of tools and instruments of budgetary policy-making to help achieve environmental and climate goals. Similar practices in Albania that have achieved some positive results include the Gender Budgeting.
27 September 2022

This study done for the first time in the country reviews the national strategic framework in Albania to confirm compliance and coherence with green budgeting and the associated global commitments toward the Climate Change action, as well as to assess the existing tools to undertake green budgeting in the country.

The study aims to answer the following questions: 

  1. Why green budgeting is useful for Albania, and what are its main benefits?
  2. What are the useful and appropriate factors to successfully implement green budgeting? What are the gaps (if any) and mitigation steps/ measures? 
  3. Is there a political will to successfully implement green budgeting practices? What are the knowledge and attitudes of the policy and decision-makers? 
  4. What are the recommended steps for improving policies and legal framework to effectively implement green budgeting at the local and national levels? 

 To learn more, please read the full version of the report in English or Albanian

Albania Green Budgeting

Albania Green Budgeting