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Technical Advisory Unit (TAU)

The Technical Advisory Unit (TAU) are WFD's in-house experts on democracy and governance issues. The TAU assists in programme design, delivery and evaluation whilst also developing tools, guides and comparative studies on their topics of expertise.
Franklin De Vrieze
Franklin De Vrieze
Senior Governance Adviser
Shannon O’Connell
Shannon O'Connell
Senior Gender & Politics Adviser
Head of Communications
Fulvio Menghini
Senior Communications Adviser
Julia Keutgen
Senior Transparency Adviser
Tanja Hollstein
Senior Elections Adviser
Victoria Hasson
Senior Parliamentary Adviser
Dina Melhem
Dina Melhem
Senior Human Rights Adviser
Sophia Fernandes
Political Inclusion Adviser
Rafael Jimenez Aybar
Environmental Democracy Adviser


Tina Fahm
Tina Fahm leads a global consulting firm and has over 30 years’ experience in governance and strategic leadership, including nine years on WFD’s board.
Peter Wardle
Peter Wardle spent over ten years as Chief Executive of the United Kingdom’s independent Electoral Commission.
Alistair Doherty
Alistair Doherty worked as a Deputy Principal Clerk in the House of Commons for over 30 years.
John Stewart
John Stewart is a former Director of Clerking and Reporting and Director of Information and Outreach at the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Rob Clements
Rob Clements has 35 years experience in senior roles in the House of Commons.
Roger Phillips
Roger Phillips is currently Clerk of Tynwald, Secretary of the House of Keys and Counsel to the Speaker; Registrar of Members’ Interests (Tynwald).
Fazela Mahomed
Fazela has 20 years experience in the parliamentary and legislative sector, serving as the Registrar for Members Interests in the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa for 19 years.
Iain Gill
Iain has more than 12 years’ experience working with political parties around the world, based in the US, Ireland, UK and Belgium.
Sir Paul Silk
Sir Paul Silk has been a senior official in the House of Commons and the National Assembly for Wales, and was Chair of the Commission on Devolution in Wales.