Latest activity

Latest activity
Scotland and Malawi have one of the strongest people to people links in the world. This historic partnership and the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) positive experience of women in leadership meant supporting the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus of Malawi through the SNP WFD programme.
28 March 2019
Group of people holding placards while sitting
The inaugural Women’s Leadership Programme of the Africa Liberal Network took place from on 6-7 March.
08 March 2019
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The Youth Who Lead conference brought together vver 200 participants from more than 10 countries in Africa. The participants called for increased youth participation in politics at the landmark Commonwealth Partnership for Democracy (CP4D) conference.
06 March 2019
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WFD invited four women lawmakers to the UK this week, to share their experiences with UK MPs from all the major political parties and learn about different approaches to promoting gender diversity.
31 January 2019
Photo: Lyn Brown MP hosts Lebanese women lawmakers in UK Parliament - group shot
Engagement strategies are at the heart of every voter education campaign. WFD, through collaborative work with National Youth Service Corps, established the Voter Education Community Development Service (CDS) group in three focal states in Nigeria.
17 January 2019
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With WFD's support to Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs, the 2nd Annual Youth Business Forum in Uganda took place in December 2018.
19 December 2018
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The first ever “Youth Moot Parliamentary Session” took place in August 2018. Over 300 young people from across Uganda debated important issues affecting their lives and submitted the top priorities in a petition to the Speaker of Parliament.
31 October 2018
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The London Declaration on Post-Legislative Scrutiny aims at galvanising action in national parliaments around the world, based on a common understanding of post-legislative scrutiny and with support from WFD.
23 July 2018
participants at the academic seminar on post-legislative scrutiny
Dr Michael Wardlow, Chief Commissioner at the Equality Commission in Northern Ireland, reflects on his time in Georgia as part of Westminster Foundation for Democracy’s Multi-Party Office work with the DUP. 
27 February 2018
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On 7 March, over 3 million Sierra Leoneans will go to the polls to elect the President, Parliament and local councils. As part of a broader programme to make the electoral process more inclusive, WFD trained 35 Youth Peace Ambassadors to promote peaceful political participation.
25 February 2018
Less than one year after democracy was restored to The Gambia, WFD and the UK branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, agreed a partnership programme with the National Assembly at a function in the House of Commons.
31 January 2018
Three people signing an MoU
As part of WFD’s work with the Coalition of Women MPs, individual advice is given to members of the Coalition to initiate
change in their own countries. WFD worked with lawmakers in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Palestine to champion changes to
discriminatory laws that perpetuated violence against women and girls.
21 December 2017
women protesting
On 19 September 2017, the Parliament of Lebanon passed a new law with strong ring-fencing measures that will help get a better deal for the country from extractives.
10 October 2017
Marking 25 years since the establishment of WFD, the Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) to expand its electoral assistance programme during a side event to the Democracy UK conference.
18 September 2017
Three people sitting as a group is standing behind them
WFD Mozambique mission is supporting Mozambican parliamentary staff to help legislators follow the money and in this way, help all ordinary Mozambicans benefit from economic growth.
25 July 2017
A man facilitating a meeting