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Discover women's paths to political leadership in Southeast Asia with our research

This research outlines what barriers women face in their pursuit of political leadership and profiles women who have broken through these barriers or have forged and democratised pathways to political power. 


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The process of competitive politics can undermine the integrity and effectiveness of individual MPs and parliament as a whole. This study explores the electoral model in Sierra Leone and investigates the cost of politics and the approaches that are adopted to maintain positions of power, considering this financial burden.
28 February 2017 | Study
Cost of Politics in Sierra Leone Front Cover Page
This paper draws on semi-structured interviews with serving and former members of parliament, as well as civil society practitioners to get their thoughts on the financial implications of running for office in Nigeria.
05 November 2016 | Report
Cost of Politics in Nigeria Front Cover Page
This objective of this background paper is to conduct primary research on the cost of parliamentary politics in Ukraine; the financial implications of running for a seat in the national parliament (Rada), and the cost incurred by an MP once in office.
05 September 2016 | Study
This analysis focuses on both tangible and intangible aspects of the cost of politics. It is often (rightly) assumed that the intangible aspects (such as illegal financing, media control, lack of institutional response) are more prone to corruption or other legal wrongdoings. This report explores the legal framework and its changes over the past years, the political and party culture, business-party interests, the role of the political elites in preserving the system, ethnic cleavages and the role played by the political and electoral system. A dozen interviews were held with former and current MPs,
unsuccessful candidates, smaller party representatives, non-governmental organisation (NGO) representatives dealing with political campaign financing and individuals working in the media.
05 September 2016 | Study
Ghana has a long history of campaign financing. This study looks at the cost of parliamentary politics in the West Africa country.
05 September 2016 | Study
Cost of politics in Ghana front cover page
This study assess the prevalence of violence and discrimination against women politicians in Ukraine, as well as the attitude of women politicians towards the incidence of violence and discrimination against women politicians and how it influences them.
06 August 2016 | Study
The Kyrgyz Republic is the sole democracy to emerge from the Central Asian post-Soviet states. While the country has experienced two revolutions in the past ten years, it has emerged as a stable parliamentary system in the region. But the country has seen a dramatic increase in the cost of politics within the last decade that threatens to undermine the fledgling democracy.
05 September 2015 | Study